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SZA – Doves In The Wind (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) (Review & Stream)

SZA is the Truth Hurts of 2017, reaping the benefits from being on a label with superstars.

Yesterday I praised Khalid for having a unique R&B sound, and honestly, SZA is up there too when it comes to unique. On this song, she continues that whole ‘girl around the way sound’, getting lost in the smooth vibe of the beat. SZA delivers her words so effortlessly, almost sounding like she’s going in and out of conscienceness.

Kendrick hops on the track one minute in, rapping with his whole dream-like style. While I think his part is dope, he says the word p—y like 57 times (Someone is aroused).

I can confidently say that this is not going to be a commercial hit.



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    • Musically, I thought it was annoying as heck: but Kendrick always has some secret message behind his bizarre lines, so I’m sure it has a deeper meaning. Great question!


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