Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory (Album Review)

Aside from Vince being this hilarious figure on social media, he might be one of the top young talents in the game right now! One of Vince’s biggest attributes is his willingness to be himself, not being afraid to deviate from the music that we consider hot today. With this new album, I expect to be thrown off a bit, as Vince tries to drag you into his highly unpredictable world. 




I know you guys are going to be pissed when you find out that Kendrick’s feature on this album didn’t make my top 5, but forget ya’ll, I am a big boy!

I know you guys are going to be pissed when you find out that an interlude made my top 5, but this song is that special to me. I feel like interludes like this are important in establishing the overall tone of the album, especially when it is heartfelt like this one.

While a good chunk of this song consists of some British woman yapping, eventually it gets to Vince, and he spills his guts out about wanting his old thing back. Tbe s–t is short, but deep enough to catch my attention.

4. 745

Kendrick Lamar is on this album, but the most Kendrick sounding song on it doesn’t feature Kendrick (Lots of Kendrick in that sentence).

‘745’ just knocks in every single way to me! The approach he takes to the zoned out beat is simple, as he coasts through his verses with this carefree mentality. With that being said, I think he is careful with his words on it thought, as he tries to entice this girl to join him for the night.

This is the most normal sounding song on the album.


Since Vince is an LA artist, I expected way more rebellious music like this one on this album.

While I like his raps, the electro sound of the beat combined with the sick ass BagBack sample (which I’m pretty sure came from ‘Back up’ by Dej Loaf ) is ill as s–t!

This song is a lot of fun in every single aspect! Vince’s raps hit you in the mouth with every bar, and the vibes are explosive.


This song is one of those house party sounding Cali tracks that got an outstanding bounce to it. The chorus has a Juicy J sample on it, further amping you up to do the hoodest dance moves you got.

Vince is spitting out words like he’s got a bad taste in his mouth on the verses, speaking game to dudes directly. His words come out extremely fluent on this song, one of his best abilities as a rapper to me.

This is a track that everybody will feel.


Two of the hottest Cali born artists combine for this commercial sounding track called ‘Rain Come Down’.

You never know what to expect from a Vince Staples song, and ‘Rain Come Down’ is the perfect example of his randomness. Ty opens up the song singing a very infectious hook over a  pop sounding beat. I assumed since it was a Vince Staples song I would hear a more gritty Ty, but he’s actually pretty soulful on this track.

By the time Vince hops on the track, the song gets a little darker. Vince keeps it hood with his approach, rapping about dirty cops, reckless ass woman, and of course his city. He doesn’t deviate from his usual sound, something you gotta love.



2. BIG FISH (5/5)


4. LOVE CAN BE (4.4/5)

5. 745 (4.9/5)


7. YEAH RIGHT (3.9/5)

8. HOMAGE (4.6/5)

9. SAMO (4/5)

10. PARTY PEOPLE (4/5)

11. BAGBAK (4.9/5)

12. RAIN COME DOWN (5/5)


This album is brilliant! Vince was able to keep us entertained throughout, choosing music that enters through the heart as opposed to the ears.

For every album we hear, we enter the world of that artist we’re listening to; Vince is one of the few artists in which I don’t understand his world one bit! The closest way to describe Vince’s world will require me to reference ‘Fifth Element’, a movie with a combination of weird monsters, gay Chris Tucker’s, and a tough as nails Bruce Willis….(Yes Vince is Bruce Willis here). Majority of the songs you will hear on this album will leave you with the ‘What The F–k am I listening to’ face, but for some odd reason you will love it.

This album pushes boundaries artistically, something we need to give Vince credit for. By the end of it, you will want to hear more Vince, mea

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