21 Savage

21 Savage – ISSA (Album Review)


21, 21, 21! 

This albums release is somewhat of a surprise to me, mainly because it felt like 21’s momentum was kind of on the decline as of late; however, my father always told me this: “Fire is Fire no matter when it is lit!”, which means that if the album is good, people will appreciate it regardless of the time it was brought out. I for one know that 21 is capable of dropping some heat, as last year I rated his ‘Savage Mode’ EP with Metro Boomin’ pretty damn high, so I have some lofty expectations for this debut.



Which broad is brave/stupid enough to be this Savage’s party favor? Whoever they are, I have added them to my prayers.

I never thought 21 can be sentimental like this! (You mean to tell me this n—a has feelings?) Anyway, 21 does sound like he’s drunk in love on this song, as he outlines some romantic plans (Which is drinking alcohol til they get drunk) he has for this unsuspecting woman. 21 sings majority of the time, and does a pretty good job of harmonizing and laying down a nice little melody.

21 can actually make a record that can be played at a day party? Who would’ve thunk it?!

I’m sure this relationship is determined to end in a brand new episode of Forensic files.




I LOVE THIS SONG! 21 combined some soul with tough ass lyrics about flexing, flossing, and life lessons.

I love when 21 thinks he can do whatever he wants on the mic, and this song is the prime of example of that. 21 continuously finds unique ways to rhyme his words, feverishly searching for the next best topic to keep the song going. There is so many different styles that he raps with on this song, finding a way to make violence sound like a game of hop scotch.




This song is heavy-hitting production-wise, and catchy content-wise; that is the perfect formula for hyping yourself up to fight a lion.

The chorus is damn there perfect, with 21 boasting about all the s–t he currently has in his arsenal. Even though his delivery is somewhat elementary sounding, the real ones will definitely want to rap along to it.

You can tell 21 thought the chorus was so hot that he can just say whatever he wanted to on the verses…  Go ahead and ignore the verses on this joint, fam.




‘Bad Business’ is like 21’s theme song, as he reminds listeners he really is that guy that we’ve heard about in the hood urban legends.

This song is very fast-paced, but 21 still takes his time in talking his s–t on it. 21’s flow on this song is the truth, as he absolutely nails each line he drops. On the real, 21 is great at finishing his lines.




‘Dead People’ is like the horrific version of Big Sean’s ‘Move’.

This song has a great bop to it, and its tone is the exact one that 21 excels in.

I feel like 21 is very animated on the verses and chorus, delivering a highly energized sound throughout. You can tell he is having some fun on this s–t, something that I think reverberates well with the listeners.

The Winslows weren’t lame, bro! Eddie Winslow was damn there a first ballot hall of fame pimp.


1. FAMOUS (4/5)


3. CLOSE MY EYES (4.5/5)


5. BABY GIRL (4/5)

6. THUG LIFE (5/5)

7. FACETIME (4.9/5)

8. NOTHING NEW (4/5)

9. NUMB (4.2/5)

10. DEAD PEOPLE (5/5)

11. MONEY CONVO (3.8/5)

12. SPECIAL (5/5)

13. WHOLE LOT (4.8/5)

14. 7 MINUTE FREESTYLE (4.5/5)


This album consists of 25 shootouts, about 15 mothers crying, and 35 women being treated poorly; calling him a ‘Savage’ might be a generous title to give him. If you are capable of blocking out such terror, you will be able to enjoy one of the best rap debuts in years! (Yea I said it)

Lets start off with the obvious: The beats on this album are nothing less than fire! production-wise, I give it 10/10, and coincidentally, Metro is responsible for about 80 percent of the beats on this album. A lot of producers make trap beats nowadays, but the beats on this album actually sound like they were made IN the trap.

Doesn’t 21 sound like he’s making a cover version of some of your favorite artists throughout this album?  On some songs he reminds me of a somber version of Juicy, and on others he reminds me of a somber version of Future; nonetheless, his versatility when it comes to creating a structure to a song is what makes this album very listenable.

Surprisingly, 21 is also very lyrical on this album — no he’s not saying the most clever s–t, or the most meaningful s–t in the world, but his cool kid demeanor certainly resonates with you as you listen to each song. I know I cannot relate to his gangster life style, but he somehow makes it sound appealing..

This album is almost a split image of ‘Savage Mode’ to me, as it is very consistent in terms of the musicality. 21 is a lot more intelligent than people probably give him credit for, which convinces me that he has a good ear for making music.


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