Black Note Graffiti- Such Is Art (Review & Stream)

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Such Is Art” off of Black Note Graffiti’s second album “Volume 2” is a certified headbanger!

Music fans should certainly keep an eye out for Black Note Graffiti! This band has toured from Hollywood to New York City, enrapturing the masses with their grungy crashing instrumentals and powerful vocals. In their single “Such Is Art“, listeners are treated to these  ‘haunting’ melodies, with whispers in the background of the main verses of the song adding an especially creepy touch.

It’s safe to say that Black Note Graffiti’s talent is boundless, and you can tell by their excellent songwriters in “Such Is Art“. The harmonization between Ricardo Ortiz and Kris Keller is effortless on this song, as their voices blend together perfectly!

You can catch Black Note Graffiti live at one of the many festivals they play across the country, or maybe on one of your favorite TV shows since they are licensed with MTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, TLC, and Spike TV. And if none of those options satisfy your fix, you can stream the entirety their latest album on their website


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