Aminé – Good For You (Review & Stream)

I don’t want to get you guys all excited and all, but one of the only other artists that have an é in their name is Beyoncé (And Beyoncé is damn there a legend right????)!

I’ll be realistic here – There is no way in hell Aminé can compare to the great Beyoncé, but I do see some star potential from him that at least rivals other major artists we’ve seen cross our airwaves. It all starts here for the rookie though, as the debut album sets the tone for what an artist is capable of doing in their career… With that being said, Aminé, show me what you got brother!!!



I hate to say it, but there is a lot of Keh-loneys (Kehlani clones) out there that are continuing to emerge…. Amine is sorta new, so the verdict is out if he has any clones or not.

Once I saw that the name of the song was ‘HeebieJeebies’, I automatically deducted a whole .5 from the final score; so the best rating this song can get is a 4.5 folks.

This song is very cute, as it sounds like the cheaper version of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s s–t from Twenty88. Both artists sing along to the same lyrics on the chorus (For the most part), sounding like they share bank accounts already.

Aminé does get a chance to do his thing on his verse, dropping this hard-hitting verse towards the end. He doesn’t quite save the song from being too mushy, but he does make a gangsta feel a little more manly for listening to the song.

All this mushiness needs to be balanced out by some Mystikal -Siri, play DANGER!


‘Sundays’ is pure lyricism from the often singing Amine, as he truly opens up about his mindset when it comes to living his life. You get some poignant thoughts from Amine throughout, covering his religion, family, and opinions on love.

This song has a slow bop to it, allowing him to clearly and concisely drop his appealing lines.

This is the type of song that tells me he can be the third member of Outkast.


I’ve never heard a song like ‘Caroline’ before, which is why it has always stood out to me when I hear it in the clubs.

It’s hard to understand this songs rhythm, but once you do, you bop to it in the most remedial way possible.

Is this one of the quirkiest songs you’ve heard to date? It’s like he went to Missy’s class for weird assness.


I cannot express how perfect ‘Veggies’ is as the opening track for this album! It’s experimental, it’s meaningful, and it’s pretty dynamic.

Amine tricks the people by sounding heartfelt vocally, because he is actually saying some reckless s–t throughout. His harmonizing is spot on to me, as it comes across as effortless.

Ty Dolla Sign is in the background, and he has a small little part at the end. I am starting to like these small features he’s doing.

Even though Amine lets us know that he’s the next Andre, this is that one song he DOESNT sound like Andre.


An Amine and Offset collaboration is sorta left field, but for some strange reason I think it works for this song! I feel like it’s quirky enough to fit Amine, and has enough of a bop to let Offset do his thing.

This song is hella dynamic, as Amine sings and raps equally good. I also think his part is adorable enough to draw in non fans, and tough enough to keep his A1 ones.

Offset uses his million dollar flow on the song, reminding us that he can literally fit on anything.

How Amine was able to make Offset get all flamboyant is impressive! Joe Budden ain’t impressed though.


1. VEGGIES (5/5)

2. YELLOW (4/5)

3. CAROLINE (4.8/5)

4. HERO (3.9/5)

5. SPICE GIRL (3.7/5)

6. STFU (3.6/5)


8. SUNDAYS (4.6/5)

9. TURF (4/5)

10. BLINDS (4/5)

11. DAKOTA (3.8/5)

12. SLIDE (3.7/5)

13. MONEY (3.8/5)

14. BEACH BOY (4/5)

15. HEEBIE JEEBIES (4.5/5)


Amine is a very quirky rapper on this album, something that kinda shocked me as I heard more from him. I love his style because it fits his age, as he has no problem letting the 23 year old youth in him show throughout this album.

This albums sound is very consistent, as majority of the tracks have this fun/animated sound to it. Aminé approaches each track in an unpredictable way, almost finding enjoyment in throwing listeners off when he can. Lyrically, Aminé is beyond serviceable, and he can certainly lay down a note singing wise when he has to.

All in all, my mans Aminé has a very good ear for music. You can tell he understands the ins and outs of making a complete record, and is more than willing to piece together a bunch of different sounds to meet that goal. While the album is a bit much for me at times, I think Aminé will only get better as he continues to fine-tune his sound.

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