Chi City is an up and coming artist that is actually from LA, and he dropped this eerie ass track called ‘Members Only’ that features the eerie maestro 2 CHAINZ!

Chi City has this sarcastic tone to him when he raps, sounding as cocky as all your other favorite rappers. His lyrics are pretty witty too, kinda reminding me of that one smart ass in your crew.

I heard 2 Chainz say in an interview that he takes all his raps seriously now, and I can see what he’s talking about now based off his verse. You can tell Chainz wants to appeal to the masses, as he makes sure every word he spits sticks. His verse is is very unorthodox, but he’s at his best when he is an unorthodox n—a.

I feel like this song is better when you hear it in a dark padded room.