Uyoka – Diamonds, Silver, and Gold (Review & Stream)

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Uyoka is an alternative singer from Toronto, Canada (One of my favorite cities) that has this ability to mix a few different genres together to create this musical blend that is unique from other music you hear today. With ‘Diamonds, Silver & Gold’ from her ‘JupiterSong EP’, Uyoka managed to create this tranquilizing track that effortlessly spills its emotions to the listeners.

It will feel good to get lost in the soothing vibe of this track, as Uyoka mixes in her calming vocals with the pacifying sounds of the production. You can tell each line Uyoka drops is coming from the heart, and that is because the words she chooses to use are precise and delivered firmly. There is no denying what this love means to her, which shows me that this individual she’s referring to is doing something right.

Uyoka created a gem with this one! Make sure you check out the rest of her EP HERE


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