NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A REMIX RICHARD! N—az that ain’t even from the East Coast is on this s–t!

This song gets me so damn hyped up fam! Like I want to buy my ticket for a trip to NY ASAP!

Busta Rhymes belongs on every NY remix, and this n—a still sounds like the whole cast of Looney Tunes on this s–t.

A$AP Ferg has the second verse, and he actually switched up his verse. I feel like he’s trying to match Busta Rhymes with the flow, and I think he succeeds.

Cool ass Rocky is actually pretty amped on this song, and it is refreshing to hear him slow it down a bit. His verse is tough, and something you can tell he had fun with.

Dave East is the street n—a, and he is still mobbin’ and letting us know his hood credentials.

French is from NY guys, and as expected, he sounds horrible on this track. I like French’s voice, so it’s all good.

Rick Ross takes his time with the beat, over here like he’s trying to teach us how to rap.

Snoop Dogg is the West Coast representative on this song, and he’s ready to teach us which coast is the best one…. Sorry Snoop, it’s still the east!

This is a quality remix guys. Still not better than ‘Work”s remix though.