Refreshingly sweet vocals, peppy instrumentals, and chemistry between musicians is the recipe for a catchy tune like ‘Alice Springs’.

Bristol Kids is a married musical duo from both the Great Lakes area of British Canada, and Upstate NY. The couple met in California, which seems like kismet, because their sound is perfect for road trips and fun-filled summer days on the beach.

Bristol Kids easily fit in the genres of pop rock, country rock, and country pop into their music. Both musicians in the duo are writers, with Keri Walsh being the singer and her hubby James Walsh operating as the guitarist. On ‘Alice Springs’, the duo gets a chance to show the world what they’re made of, as they aim to draw all listeners in with this infectious tune.

“Alice Springs” is so charming and carefree – The romantic little ditty begs: “Take me here to Alice Springs! I’ll meet you there, I’ll reach you there”. When it is all said and done, the duo makes Alice Springs sound like the most beautiful getaway destination, implying that we should all be planning our own trips there… Anybody got some Expedia reward points I can borrow?

“Alice Springs” is off Bristol Kids first album ‘Wireless Dream’, which is available on Apple Music. This album is full of nothing but melodious jams! You can also give their other smash hit “Miracle Mile” a listen on if you don’t believe me.