PARTYNEXTDOOR – Put It On Silent (Review & Stream)

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I understand that PARTYNEXTDOOR wants his scalywag to put her phone on silent, but what if her mother calls? Do you ignore when Mama dukes calls bro? (Had to throw that curve ball in there for his unreasonable ass).

PND is actually pretty disrespectful on this song, as he sings about piping down this broad while her boyfriend is calling her. The sound of the record is pretty club-like (Which I find to be even more disrespectful), so if you are that dude trying to reach your girlfriend, at least you know you’re being disrespected over some party sounding s–t.

What if her boyfriend was calling to ask what she wanted from Burger King? That would be tragic on so many different levels.



2 thoughts on “PARTYNEXTDOOR – Put It On Silent (Review & Stream)

  1. #PARTYNEXTDOOR is actually digressing with his music. I supposed he’s content with writing smash hits and not singing them. No eay he’s spending that much time in studio putting in time writing hits/producing for himself. This entire young wave sounds idebtical and makes temporary music, not music that will last that people can remember. I know a lot of ppl who have no idea who he is but can sing, verbatim, the lyrics of ‘Work’, ‘Shining’, etc. With his talent, he should be doing better music for homself at this stage of his career.

    1. I absolutely agree with you on that. PARTY’s really dumbed down his sound these last couple of months, even sounding like Young Thug in a few songs here and there. I actually think he took offense to all the people that didn’t like PND3, so he decided to go another direction with his music.

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