Eddie Vegas – Linkin’ (Ft. PaperBoi) (Review & Stream)

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Eddie Vegas and PaperBoi are destined to get the party going with ‘Linkin’, dropping this super amped up track that finds a way to electrify in less than 2 minutes.

Over this highly energetic beat, Eddie Vegas spits rhymes like his life depends on it, rapping about his love for music and how that love materialized. You can hear this refreshing passion with each line Eddie delivers, as he creates this song that is a lot more meaningful than just an Electronic track you would hear in the clubs.

PaperBoi eventually hops on the track at the end, rapping with the same style that Eddie does. While his part is short, I feel he is still able to take the party into another level with his part.

These guys definitely get the party started with this track.


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