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Ann Souren – Listen to The Rain (Review & Stream)

With a vintage voice reminiscent of the Motown days, Ann Souren brings chills to the listeners ears with ‘Listen To The Rain’.

Accompanies by a piano heavy backdrop, Ann Souren absolutely stuns with her unbelievable voice! Throughout ‘Listen to the Rain’, Ann ensures that each and every word she sings is felt in your soul. Her words are beautiful, meaningful, and filled with emotions that remind you of a dramatic play on broadway. You can tell Ann has no shame in spilling out her guts, which is something I find refreshing when it comes to today’s music.

I love when music is able to have a strangle hold on your emotions, and this is exactly what you get with ‘Listen To The Rain’. Close your eyes while you listen to this song, and let Ann take you far away in this soothing gem.


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