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D.A.M.E. Dolla – Loyal to The Soil (Ft. Lil Wayne) (Review & Stream)

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If there is any athlete you should take serious on the mic, it’s Damian Lillard. Not only can he flow well, but he carries that same hunger he has on the court to the mic.

Dame actually holds his own against a rapper that I consider to be in the top 5 of all time. The 6’2 baller takes full advantage of the emotions of the beat, making sure listeners feel his every word.

I haven’t heard Lil’ Wayne on a passionate record like this in a while, and I feel like he is excellent on it! Wayne sounds like he’s effortlessly navigating through the track, coasting like Lebron in the regular season. Just having Wayne’s approval is enough, but when you are able to cater to the type of sound that Wayne can excel in, that is a cherry on top.

Could you imagine if Portland gets Carmelo Anthony? D.A.M.E. Dolla might become D.A.M.E. Championship ring too.



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