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Talib Kweli – Heads Up. Eyes Open (Ft. Rick Ross & Yummy Bingham) (Review & Stream)

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Talib Kweli featuring Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham? I haven’t heard from Yummy Bingham in literally 10 years!

This song sounds a lot like a gospel record to me, featuring some church pianos and choir-like singers. Talib starts the song off by dropping a very humbling verse, discussing a couple of things he learned during his journey of life.

Rick Ross understands what the song is all about, but he can’t help but indulge in the sinning that the tone of the song is against. You gotta respect that though, because it means he ain’t changing for NOTHING!

Yummy takes care of the hook, and she sounds like a 2017 Lil Mo on it. Her story is literally amazing to me: She went from pushing carts to a Grammy-nominated performance! (I love you Yummy, I’m just playing!)



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