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Future & Young Thug – Super Slimey (Album Review)

Future and Young Thug had a few issues with each other in the past, and forreal forreal, it stemmed mainly from their competitive juices. Recently, both artists put their differences aside, and ended up developing a relationship that was so strong that they were able to create an album together. While I didn’t mind both artists going at each others head, I think their new found bromance could be something that is major for not only Atlanta, but also hip hop music in general.



‘Mink Flow’ sounds like Hoodie Aladdin’s theme song.

This is one of those competitive tracks on the album where each artist refused to be outdone by the other. Both rappers approach the song with great enthusiasm, dropping bars with the intent of making our heads fall off from bopping too hard.

Future won this song to me.


‘Three’ mainly fits Thuggers style, as it has this frantic pace to it that he usually excels in. Thugger doesn’t disappoint on his verse either, letting loose on the beat with some tough lyrics and catchy melodies.

Future goes tough as hell on this song, yelling at us like a preacher that just saw two gay people kissing. I feel like Future’s part is strictly for the trappers, as he demonstratively brags about being this real ass n—a in a variety of categories.

Thugger won this one


‘All Da Smoke’ has everything you want from a Future and Thugger song: You got this haunting instrumental that has trap elements associated to it, a belligerent Thugger, and a boisterous hook by Future.

The chemistry on this song is pretty damn good! Both rappers avoid stepping on each others toes on it, and they were also able to pick an instrumental that fits both of their styles. Bravo guys!


I guess I’ma broke b–th, because I have no clue what the hell Patek Water is. (Is it some type of luxurious toilet water or something?)

This song sounds a little weird at first, but once you are able to understand its direction, it gets better and better.

Future handles the hook responsibilities on this song, and he provided the track with this highly energetic chorus that serves as a roll call to the n—as with money. As expected, I am not able to relate to what he’s talking about, so I’m just going to sit here and marvel at all the fun they are having.

Thugger has the first verse, and he’s talking that s–t on it! You can tell he knows that he’s sort of a big deal on this song, because he raps with this arrogance that jumps out at you. Who would’ve thunk that an Animaniac would out floss the real n—az of the world?

It seems like Offset is featured on every rap album these days, and most of the times he takes the track he’s featured on to another level. On his verse, the Migos star attacks the track with his signature tongue-twisting style, manipulating the rhythms of the beat like he usually does. At a certain point, we gotta start recognizing that this dude is a helluva talent.

Are the 3 artists featured on this song the hottest in Atlanta right now?

1. 200

‘200’ is all about its infectious vibes. I feel like both artists approached the song exactly how it should be approached, and that was with this laid back demeanor that lets the listeners know that they’re living quite well.

Thugger is the winner of this song, and he won it by riding the beat like a muthaf–kin’ freak! I nodded my head throughout his verse, as he switched up his flow over and over again. (Thugger may have first 48’ed the hook too.)

Future’s part is simply OK to me on this song… I will say this though, his scratchy voice adds an a lot less wackier perspective to the song.

Don’t ya’ll think having 200 women is a bit of an overkill fellas? Say at max you slept with 3 women in a day, 197 of your other women would be disgruntled employees that day bruh.


1. NO CAP (4.8/5)
2. THREE (4.5/5)
3. ALL DA SMOKE (4.7/5)
4. 200 (5/5)
5. CRUISE SHIP (4/5)
6. PATEK WATER (4.8/5)
7. FEED ME DOPE (3.8/5)
8. DRIP ON ME (4/5)
9. REAL LOVE (3.8/5)
10. 4 DA GANG (4/5)
11. KILLED BEFORE (4.3/5)
12. MINK FLOW (4.4/5)
13. GROUP HOME (4/5)



Let me start off by saying that I am very impressed with the chemistry that both artists have with each other on this album. Based off of what I heard, it felt like each artist knew one another way before the idea of this album was even thought about (Which they really didn’t). Aside from that, I feel like their styles compliment each other very well, which allows for the album to really illuminate from track to track.

In the past, I stated that Future and Thugger were two of the best at picking beats, and this album confirms that to me. The beats on this album are consistent, they match at least one of the two artists at all times, and most importantly, they are heavy hitting. Hidden in all the hoopla of them collaborating, I think both artists ability to pick beats is an underrated aspect of this album.

This album certainly doesn’t disappoint. Initially, I was thinking this would be some poorly thrown together album that would feature lackluster performances from both artists, but it’s really not – It’s actually very high in both quality and effort. At first I wanted to use this album to compare the two powerhouses individually, but finished it realizing that their cohesion is one of the best I’ve seen from separate artists in a while.

One thought on “Future & Young Thug – Super Slimey (Album Review)

  1. I loved this album so much didn’t know you reviewed it lol. I loved all but two songs.
    My ratings:
    1. No Cap (75+)
    2. Three (80)
    3. All da Smoke (80)
    4. 200 (80)
    5. Cruise Ship (70)
    6. Patek Water (90+)
    7. Feed Me Dope (75+)
    8. Drip on me (100) <—- went to my special playlist!
    9. Real Love (70+)
    10. 4 Da Gang (95)
    11. Killed Before (20)
    12. Mink Flow (55)
    13. Group Home (90+)

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