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Tyga – Bugatti Raw (Mixtape Review)


In my opinion, one of Hip Hop’s most underrated releases in 2017 was Tyga’s ‘Bitch I’m The Shit 2‘ project. I felt like he returned to his hardcore self on it, rapping like the dude I thought had potential from the moment he stepped on the mic with Young Money. Well it looks like that hunger he showed on that album is still in his belly, because in simply 3 months, he dropped a follow-up project called ‘Bugatti Raw’.




Is there anyone in the game cooler than Tyga right now? Something about his style has been silky smooth as of late, and it certainly shows on this song.

Over this shimmering trap beat (Interesting way to describe the beat, right?), Tyga raps about some luxurious s—t, letting us know that it’ll take a little more money in our bank accounts to ball like he is. Not only does the Compton rapper drop some heavy-hitting bars on his verses, but he also shows a good mix of aggressive rapping and infectious harmonizing throughout the song.



We all knew this song was going to be on some serious club s–t as soon as we heard that ratchet ass girl on the hook…..

Tyga gets his creeper on in this song, rapping about some sick s—t in this ‘banger bros voice. I will say this though: I love how dynamic his flow is on his verses, as he seamlessly shifts from a slow to fast pace over the snap heavy beat.

Isn’t Tyga one of the best in the game at riding a beat? (Why did that sound so pause worthy?)


You can tell this song was made to draw listeners in with its catchiness, because Tyga raps both the verse and chorus in this addictive way. Additionally, the beat has a really good bop to it, allowing us to nod our head even if we ain’t feeling his lyrics.

AE is pretty pointless on this song….

This song is either going to be infectious or annoying as s—t to you.


On ‘Forever On Fire’, Tyga isn’t here for all the lollygagging, letting it be known that he’s blazing and no one can put him out. Out of all the songs on this album, I think this is his toughest lyrically, as he comes across like a rapper that wants to put all competition around him to bed.


When these girls realize what Tyga wants them to sign up for, they might just take a kneel on behalf of social injustice.

I really like the smoothness of this track, as it combines this chill instrumental with a laidback sounding Tyga. Interestingly enough, Tyga’s lyrics are pretty reckless on his verses, as he talks about poisoning this girl with his money, drugs, and sex. (Yikes)


  1. HELLO I’M BALLIN’ (4.5/5)
  2. N***A WIT MONEY (3.9/5)
  3. NASTY NASTY (4.4/5)
  4. GOOD OR BAD (4.7/5)
  5. MERCEDED BABY (3.2/5)
  6. SIGN UP (4.8/5)
  7. FOREVER ON FIRE (4.2/5)
  8. LIL PORSCHE (4.6/5)
  9. STAY IN SCHOOL (3.8/5)



More than any other album I’ve heard from him in the past, Tyga fits his T-Raww moniker the most on this particular one. On ‘Bugatti Raw’, The Compton rapper has no problem telling it how it is when it comes to his reckless lifestyle, which results in pretty provocative lyrics about his women, money, and cars (Yes that n—a even talks dirty about his cars and money). I don’t know if this is a sad thing or not, but he sounds comfortable discussing these subjects, excelling in being this obnoxious d—khead on the mic. I’m a dude, so I can give a damn about what he’s saying, but for ya’ll women out there, this album is on some disrespectful s—t!

There are no major features on this album (I don’t think 24hrs (aka Helium Man) is a major feature), and that only adds to the albums consistency. There also isn’t any major production credits, which makes the album flow really well too.

Tyga continues his run at making pretty decent music, further establishing his brand as a zany’d up version of the kid from Speed Racer. As I stated before, I like this hungrier version of Tyga, as he continues to shed that Kardashian curse that I think derailed his rap potential just a little bit.

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