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Ty Dolla $ign – Beach House 3 (Album Review)


I was waiting on this album like I was waiting on my refund check guys! 

Ty Dolla $ign can do it all when it comes to music, so when he releases a full length project like ‘Beach House 3’, it almost feels like a compilation album with various artists. With this being his third major project, I feel like his freshmen days are completely over, meaning you’re going to get to hear the LA artist go full-blown hit-maker from here on out. So  will Ty’s biggest release-to-date live up to the hefty expectations we all had for it? I’ll let you know down there…




Ty knew he couldn’t let the summer pass without giving us something special, so he decided to drop this feel good track called ‘Love U Better’ in July.

While Ty shares chorus duties with The-Dream on this song, he does give us a passionate verse with lots of daring harmonizing on it too. When it’s all said and done, I feel like both artists did a good job of giving the track an old school R&B feel overall (Like early 2000’s old school),

Why would you throw Wayne on a track like this? I ain’t trying to hear someone who sounds like they are about to throw up on a lovable song like this. Very pointless feature to me.

How was Ty Dolla $ign able to recruit both of Christina Millian’s baby daddy’s for this one?

4. EX

I swear Ty Dolla $ign’s super power is to be able to get himself out of relationship issues.

It’s great to hear Ty and YG on a song together again, especially when it’s on some party s–t like this! You can tell both artists had a good time recording their parts, as they each coast through their verses with this summertime-like exuberance.

The vibes on this song are unbelievable! I’m sure all of our main chicks wouldn’t mind that we aren’t coming home if you tell her like Ty and YG did here.


With ‘Beach House 3’ having so many electrifying records, one of the hidden gems on it is this soothing track called, ‘Famous’.

We can debate for days on whether Ty Dolla $ign is a good singer or not, and you will lose that argument to me easily. Despite his everlasting stuffed nose, Ty is phenomenal vocally, and can reach some notes that your favorite R&B singers simply can’t (Facts). But that is not what makes him a great R&B singer to me, instead its his ability to make you really feel his words when he sings, which exemplifies what this song is all about.


2. SO AM I

On ‘So Am I’, Ty shows us he can hit us with some Caribbean vibes too.

This song is all about its riddim, with Ty passionately singing about convincing this girl that she picked the right choice by choosing to kick it with him. I absolutely love Ty’s voice on the track, mainly because the song needed that fiery singer that wasn’t scared to spill out his emotions.

Damian Marley made his triumphant return on Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album, and he continues that comeback trail with a quick verse and some ad-libbing on this song. While his part isn’t amazing, it is necessary to solidify the songs Caribbean roots.

Can I be honest real quick? I think Skillrex kills this track! His little zany part gives the song that extra umph it needs. I love that damn robot!

Looks like i got me a new track to bump on my way to the beach!


Everyone but Harvey Weinstein is allowed to bump this song.

‘Don’t Judge Me’ is so much fun, right? The hyped up beat, the energy that each artist brings on their verses, and the overall message of the song makes for this explosive record. Also, with everyone using the same melody, the track feels like a true collaboration to me.

I feel like don’t judge me is every thugs favorite phrase.


1. FAMOUS (5/5)


3. LOVE U BETTER (4.9/5)

4. EX (5/5)



7. DON’T JUDGE ME (5/5)

8. DAWSIN’S BREEK (4.1/5)

9. DON’T SLEEP ON ME (4.5/5)

10. STARE (4/5)


12. SO AM I (5/5)

13. LIL FAVORITE (4.4/5)

14. IN YOUR PHONE (4.1/5)

15. ALL THE TIME (4.8/5)


17. SIDE EFFECTS (4.7/5)






This is such a versatile project by Ty! From track 1 to 19, you get a different sound from him, ranging from club-inspired hip hop to traditional R&B. The thing that impresses me the most about this, is that regardless of the genre, he never deviates from the Ty that we all came to love.

Majority of the songs on this album are very good, but there are about 9 or 10 that are flat out special to me! How Ty is able to take a song to that next level is astonishing, and something that makes him a solidified star in the game.

The features on this album are phenomenal! Ty has featured on damn there every hip hop artists’s s–t, so it was good to see some of them return the favor by hopping on ‘Beach House 3’. Since it feels like people generally f–k with Ty as a person, the collaborations he received feels so much more fluent and organic to me. (It’s always funner when you get to work with your friends right?)

Who cares about the production on this album right? Yea Ty picked some solid beats that match his style, but I think when it is all said and done, Ty makes these songs come alive with his passion, appealing melodies, and brash lyrics. The production ain’t special, his ability to make a top 40 hit still relatable to thugs is!

It’s become evident that Ty understands what it takes to make a hit record, and at this point, it looks like he’s perfected it too. ‘Beach House 3’ is filled with undeniable hits, which elevates the California Singer into super stardom to me! So if you enjoyed Ty on his recent features, or loved him on his debut album ‘Free TC’,  you will be more than satisfied with his performance on this album.

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