Billy Roberts & The Rough Riders – Don’t Tell Mamma (Review & Stream)


Based off of all the music that I’ve heard from Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders thus far, I noticed that they are fantastic at describing their heartfelt feelings through some very powerful music. With this paralyzing tune titled ‘Don’t Tell Mamma’, the band takes listeners on this journey that is as dark as it is real.

One thing I really like about Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders is that they put this refreshing emphasis on their lyrical content. On ‘Don’t Tell Mamma’, Billy gets really detailed about some of the despairing feelings that he has dislodged in his mind, doing a good job of drawing us into his world with his raw emotions. Overall, it is an eerie performance from the country singer from start to finish.

I absolutely love the thrilling tone of this song: It is motion picture-like, as the brisk sounds of the instrumental will keep you hanging off of every word that Billy delivers. Even if you aren’t the biggest Country music fan, the rawness attached to this song should certainly keep you interested.


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