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Eminem – Walk On Water (Ft. Beyoncè) (Review & Stream)

I would’ve never expected a Eminem and Beyoncè collaboration, but then again, I would’ve never expected a Doritos and Cheetos collaboration either… And then Munchies happened!

Discussions of Eminem’s return has been imminent for the last couple of months, and today he absolutely explodes onto the scene with ‘Walking on Water’. Accompanied by this heartwarming contribution by Beyoncè, Eminem pours his heart out about a variety of things, leaving his alter egos and sick ass behavior at home. It’s a passionate performance from the Detroit rapper, one that sounds very similar to his rant about Donald Trump from the BET Hip Hop Awards.

This is the type of music that you will hear on some ‘America’s Got Talent’ artist spotlight s–t.



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