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6LACK – One Way (Ft. T-Pain) (Review & Stream)

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‘One Way’ is 1 of 3 new bonus tracks that 6LACK added to his ‘Free 6LACK’ re-release.

A slow tempo, impressive vocals, and a very blunt 6LACK dominate this song.

The premise of ‘One Way’ revolves around 6LACK getting a little frustrated that his woman isn’t around, so he tells her to sit her ass down and listen to the s–t he’s got to say! (At least that’s what I heard) Unfortunately, he never raises his voice, instead he maintains his sly demeanor throughout his verses. (Nothing can rattle this man)

Historically, T-Pain has been an impatient n—a, and on this song he lets his women know he bout to beat it up as soon as she puts her purse down. The good thing about his verse is that you get minimal auto-tune, and a lot more naturalness from him. (I actually think he has a pretty decent singing voice)

T-Pain and 6LACK sound pretty good together.



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