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Skaa – Escape (Review & Stream)

Boston’s Skaa isn’t afraid to let listeners know about all the thoughts that go on in his head. On ‘Escape’, not only does he share these thoughts, but he also shows us how motivated he is to make you a believer of his.

Skaa is the definition of a classic MC to me! He has this rawness to his style that reminds you of the rap greats from the past, which is certainly saying a lot considering the age of rap that we’re in. On ‘Escape’, he shows us his full potential, as he spits a couple wordplay heavy verses over this old school instrumental.

I’m not going to lie, this song is pretty damn deep! I feel like Skaa is rapping as if his life depends on it, pouring out as much as he can about his motivation, career, and of course hustling ways. You can tell Skaa left nothing on the mic, which is something that truly resonates with you when you hear it.



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