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Dram – Big Baby D.R.A.M. (Deluxe Edition) (Album Review)

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D.R.A.M. DRAM is one goofy lookin’ muthaf–ka isn’t he? Over here looking like a big ass black dude that has had his body taken over by Lisa Simpson on the front cover of this album! But isn’t that what makes hip hop great? When we want to, Hip Hop could be fun, and that’s exactly what D.R.A.M.  DRAM brings to the game! With that being said, I think this has a good chance of being a really fun album.





I always thought that Young Thug’s best attribute was his willingness to be labeled as a rockstar, but I haven’t really heard a ‘Rockstar’ type sound from him in his prior records….Well that changes with this song, as this is an ultimate Rockstar track (Dare I say very Wayne like.). Young Thug pours out his heart on this song, while the beat goes through this electrifying sound that has several different layers to it.

DRAM doesn’t quite sound like a rockstar to me, but you should still be interested in his part because he sounds like a black preacher on a rockstar song (This is my old writing guys, please excuse all the rockstar mentions).


4. CASH MACHINE (4.8/5)

Similar to ‘Broccoli’, ‘Cash Machine’ is the epitome of a DRAM song: It’s very energetic, jolly, and follows his formula of sounding like the head singer on a sesame street jingle. What is a bit different than ‘Broccoli’ on this song is the bop: It is a little harder hitting than ‘Broccoli’, and his lines are a little less gimmicky (But still very gimmicky).

Not sure I’m comfortable with this dude talking about cash machines…I’ve always felt like giving goofy people access to money was a problem! I feel like the money is gonna somehow, someway end up somewhere goofy like at a Donald Trump rally.


3. IN A MINUTE / IN HOUSE (4.8/5)

D.R.A.M does get gangsta at times ya’ll, he’s from Hampton N—a! I lived in Hampton before, and that’s the city where their shorts sag so low that they look like jeans.

This song has a PHENOMENAL bop to it, and DRAM totally mastered rapping over it! (And you know it’s a big deal because I’ve never used the word totally in my life). You can tell he took his time in delivering his messages on his verses, because he knows that his girl needs to hear every single request he’s asking for. This s–t is instructions not music!

I like the message of this song! He’s saying you haven’t done the mush mush in a minute, but that all changes today! Ahhhh, the horny man tough talk! That s–t works when you pick the girl up, then get her into the apartment, but once she takes her clothes off and has that Eddie Lacy belly — You’ll be on her side.


I love how DRAM’s name is starting to ring bells in the industry, because I think dude is very talented musically.  However, on ‘Gilligan’, he is a little more normal sounding, as he passionately raps over this Three Six Mafia inspired beat.

You get Juicy J in his element on his verse! It’s a short verse, but definitely classic Juicy J.

I could tell A$AP was going to kill it by the songs vibe, and yes he f–kin’ did! the smooth/swagged out Flacko came out with a point to prove on his verse

This sounds like a Ferg track.


1. BROCCOLI (5/5)

‘Broccoli’ is obviously D.R.A.M’s hit single, and surprisingly, it’s doing some big numbers on the billboard charts! To think that two rappers that are the closest thing to having down syndrome can create a top single in the world is very shocking to me.

What makes this song so popular to individuals all over is it’s happy go lucky feel. Doesn’t it feel like once you hear the song you just feel like jumping around with your bag of trolley worms in your hand? D.R.A.M has no limits to where he will go on this song, providing this roller coaster of a sound that has listeners getting nauseous (In a good way! Actually, I don’t know how you can spin nausea into a good thing…)

Lil Boat haters have to agree with me on this: His verse on this song is EPIC! Who knew that Lil Yachty can put up one of the best commercial rap verses of 2016!? He just has this swag/confidence/cockiness on the song that is super infectious. I personally think his verse was the reason why this entire album got the green light.


3. IN A MINUTE / IN HOUSE (4.8/5)
5. WIFI (4/5)
6. CASH MACHINE (4.8/5)
7. BROCCOLI (5/5)
8. CUTE (2.8/5)
10. CHANGE MY NUMBER (3.7/5)
11. PASSWORD (3.6/5)
12. 100% (4.7/5)
13. SWEET VA BREEZE (3.5/5)
14. WORKAHOLIC (4/5)
15. I HAVE A DREAM (4.1/5)
16. CRUMBS (3.8/5)
17. ILL NANA (4.3/5)
18. EYEYIEYIE (4/5)
20. DADDY \ DADDY 2 (3/5)
21. GOOD THANG (3.4/5)
22. GILLIGAN (5/5)




Readers, I want you to help me out here: Am I supposed to ever take anything D.R.A.M is saying seriously? For example, on ‘In House’, he is singing passionately, but am I the only one that is saying to myself “It sounds like he’s trying to mock singers with this song?” Is this R&B mocking sound what makes him an enjoyable artist, or is he actually trying to sing? Regardless of his approach, he has a really a good feel for music! He has some really good melodies, he is versatile in his sound, and he is very unique.

Hidden in all the fun sounds that the album has is pretty inspiring messages: DRAM talks about the importance of getting s–t done by himself, and even how being a workaholic allows him to have fun in his personal time. He’s also very honest in his approach; He talks about not texting girls back, letting a girl know she’s cute, and even changing his number because of f–k people around him. It’s dope to listen to, and even doper to connect with.

Overall, the album is very impressive! To me, he’s a more talented A$AP Ferg that really enjoys the ins and outs of making music. I think once we look at him from another light, he can really be something special in this game. I’m officially a fan ya’ll!

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