Big City Cowgirl – We Got All Kinds Of Crazy Here (Review & Stream)

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Big City Cowgirl electrifies in ‘We Got All Kinds Of Crazy Here’.

‘We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here’ is the type of Country music that I love! I feel songs like these allow artists to create this strong connection with the listener, as they incorporate aspects from their personality into the lyrics they deliver. Luckily for us, Big City Cowgirl has this fun-loving personality, and it truly comes to light on this song as she sings about this imperfect bar that she considers her sanctuary. Every word she speaks comes across as genuine, which I think ultimately makes the song feel as authentic as it gets. All in all, it’s wonderful writing by the Long Island born musician.

While Big City Cowgirl will catch your attention with her honest lyrics and boisterous voice, I think the instrumental deserves some love from us too! Not only does it illuminate each step of the way, but it also has this exhilarating feel to it that compliments Big City Cowgirl really well.

I would love to visit the bar that Big City Cowgirl is talking about on this song! I can use a little bit of whiskey and some music like this on my lonely Friday night.



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