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DJ Tazz & Icon MagikMaine – With Money (Ft. Luni Imfamous) (Review & Stream)

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DJ Tazz, Icon MagikMaine and Luni Imfamous are all living a luxurious lifestyle, and on ‘With Money’, they are willing to share some of that luxury with a couple of special women.

On DJ Tazz and Icon MagikMaine’s new album titled, ‘The Sacrifice’, they provide listeners with some of the rawest hip hop music out today. However, on ‘With Money’, the duo smoothes things up a little, delivering this infectious tune centered around the pleasant vibes of R&B music. Accompanied by this highly melodious hook by Luni Imfamous, Icon MagikMaine keeps it real with his woman by dropping these charming yet gritty verses. Throughout, he makes sure she knows that he can spoil her like no other man can, ensuring she knows that she’s dealing with an absolute boss at all times. Not only is this song club ready, but I feel it is also one that can end up being the perfect bedroom track.

Make sure you check out DJ Tazz and Icon MagikMaine’s new album, ‘The Sacrifice’.



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