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J.W. Schuller- Caterpillars (Review & Stream)

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Boulder, Minneapolis born and raised, J.W. Schuller has the potential to burn up the indie folk rock scene with ‘Caterpillars’.

Taking a break from performing at bars to play at old folks’ homes gave J.W. Schuller a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of daily life. During that time, he witnessed firsthand just how fleeting our time on earth can be, and this inspired him to come back out into the world with a direct and purposeful message in his music; with “Caterpillars”, you get a great representation of these ideals. Serving as the perfect song to kick off the New Year, J.W. Schuller serenades us about self transformation, providing us with a catchy positive message to shift gears, metamorphose, and become a better version of yourself. If you start listening to this song at 11:56:47 tonight, by midnight “we could be butterflies.”

Make sure you check out more from J.W. Schuller at the following:

Facebook: facebook.com/JWSchuller/
Twitter: @jwschu
Website: http://www.jwschuller.com



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