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Haines Yayo – True Story (Album Review)

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Not only does the streets need an artist like Haine$ Yayo, but rap fans who have been fiending for something real do too. With a pretty impressive catalog street records, the legend of the talented Pennsylvania rapper keeps growing and growing. With his newest album, “True Story,” Haine$Yayo gets a chance to show us even more growth, as he aims to let the world know just how heinous his bars are capable of being.





If you know Haine$Yayo, you know there isn’t much smiling being done on his previous records. That’s why I think this intro is ideal for the album, because it has this certified OG warning us what we’re about to get into with this “True Story” album. Eventually, the track switches to this absolute banger, which contains Haine$Yayo dropping some some pretty explosive bars. Every word Haine$ spits on the song will be felt by the listeners, as he gives us all an introduction into his life.



2. ALREADY KNOW (4.1/5)

‘Already Know’ is one of the more emotional tracks on this album, as Haine$Yayo raps aggressively over this piano heavy instrumental. The track has Haine$Yayo keeping it real with listeners, dismissing the haters in the process. I like how relentless his bars are on this song, as he rides the beat with this highly consistent flow.


3. GET RICH (4.2/5)

“Get Rich” is a humble track by Haine$Yayo in which he tells the story of how he got to where he is now. The song is pretty emotional, as Haine$Yayo shows off his vocal skills over this chilling instrumental.

Even though Haine$Yayo gets pretty deep on this song, he doesn’t sway too far away from his streets roots in his raps.



4. SKIT/HOW TO GET IT (4.3/5)

‘How to Get it’ is one of Haine$Yayo’s more introspective tracks, as it opens up with this intriguing skit that has this UK reporter talking to a few people in the hood about snitching. This lets listeners understand how fragile life is in the hood, which helps in making the song feel a lot more authentic. With that being said, Haine$Yayo approaches the song with some pretty good energy, giving it as much animation as it gets.



5. CHASIN THE BAG  (4.5/5)

‘Chasin’ the Bag’ is the most sinister track on this album! It has Haine$Yayo rapping over this heavy-hitting beat that screams out gutter to me. On it, Haine$Yayo gives us something catchy, continuously hammering home the idea of going after the money.

In terms of Haine$Yayo’s verses on this song, they are teflon strong, as he does his share of flexing throughout. When it’s all said and done, the track is one of the toughest he’s made to date, and one that will have the dope boys in a frenzy.




You know what I like most about this album? It literally feels like a soundtrack to the city of Philadelphia. Every song represents Philly’s gritty nature — one that isn’t afraid to mix it up with other cities, politicians or police. Haine$Yayo plays the perfect representative for his city, practically displaying the heart, passion and soul that it embodies.

The instrumentals on this album are heavy-hitting, dark, and street-inspired! They serve as the perfect compliment to Haine$Yayo’s style, giving him that extra boost that he needs to speak his s–t. With that being said, Haine$Yayo never lets the instrumental get the best of him, instead, he matches each of the instrumentals energy by dropping these formidable verses. It’s truly a match-made in hip hop heaven, something fans will notice the moment they press play.

Like I said in the intro, this album is what the streets needed right now! It’s unapologetic, it’s hyped, and very lyrical. It’s the perfect wake up call that the game needed, something you shouldn’t take for granted.

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