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Livvia – Catch A Body (Ft. Quavo) (Review & Stream)

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Hey Offset, Quavo sees your Tinashe feature from earlier today and has a response for you like none other.

I don’t know who or what Livvia looks like, but based off her voice, I believe she can be my second-wife (Mind you, I don’t even have a first wife)! On this colorful tune, wifey cleverly uses the phrase “Catch a body” to describe how good a guy looks to her, and unfortunately, that guy she’s talking about ain’t me. I know it’s a bit corny how she uses the phrase, but if you heard the s–t in the club, you’ll be too drunk and belligerent to think anything is corny, anyway.

The difference between Quavo and Offset is that Quavo is capable of crossing genre’s a lot smoother than Offset can. On this song (Some pop heavy s–t, BTW), the Migos star sounds like a natural, doing lots of harmonizing. I ain’t mad at it, get your pop tart checks, Quav!

I remember when “Catch A Body” was the toughest phrase in Hip Hop….That s–t is no tougher than “Gettin’ Jiggy With It’ these days.



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