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Capricanno – Hi-T Sunrise (Review & Stream)

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In a world where everyone seems to be so uptight about everything, artists like Capricanno is a breath of fresh air! With this ability to show off an abundance of creativity on whatever song he is on, Capricanno looks to take listeners on quite the journey in “Hi-T Sunrise,” keeping it all the way real about some of our favorite sins of the world through four scintillating tracks.





“Disney Villian” starts the album off, and it shows listeners just how dynamic of an artist Capricanno is! Accompanied by an instrumental that meshes hip hop elements with the energy of EDM music, Capricanno does it all, including rap, play his own hype man, and do some pretty daring harmonizing. When it’s all said and done, “Disney Villian” feels like an emotional rollercoaster ride musically, and it is as unpredictable as it is fun.





‘Like Marilyn Monroe’ is not as erratic sounding as ‘Disney Villian,’ but it is just as explosive! On it, Capricanno shows off his uncanny ability to rap, letting the listeners know the type of things that he has on his menu when it comes to women. Not only is Capricanno’s approach as savage as it gets, but it is also hella catchy, too!

Towards the middle of the song, Capricanno takes us out of this universe, delivering this auto-tune heavy part that is focused on keeping your high afloat. The song is truly the experience, especially after 5-8 shots!




3. A PORNSTAR (4.5/5)

The aliens have encountered earth through Capricanno’s music, and they are looking to smash one of our beloved porn stars!

This song is pretty bizarre in the beginning, as Capricanno raps with this high pitched voice for a few seconds in. As it goes on, it does become a lot saner, transforming into this sly track that has Cap smoothly dropping these lyrics directed at this pornstar he wants to get freaky with. His lyrics are as brash as it gets on this part, as he tries to go mano a mano with the explicit performer. By the end of the track, you get yet another auto-tune heavy contribution from Capricanno, and that is when the song transforms into this peaceful ballad that is perfect for a high profile Disney musical! (Minus the lyrics, of course!)





“Time Keeps Going” is beautiful, as Capricanno makes the simplest of songs come alive with absolutely astonishing vocals! The song is felt just as much as its heard, as it has this soulful sound to it that is reminiscent of a solo you would hear at a church service. I’m not going to lie, this caught me off guard, especially considering how unapologetic he is on the other three tracks.




I know there is only four songs on this project, but in those four songs Capricanno was able to show this high level of talent that I think needs to be heard if you are a true music fan. Not only does the bold artist drop some pretty impressive raps from song to song, but he also has this ear for music that is very reminiscent to music’s elite. In my opinion, it is the definition of creativity being maximized in every type of way, with this bold disregard to please anyone with his words. Cap, you outdid yourself with this one!

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