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A$AP Rocky – 5ive $tars (Ft. DRAM) (Review & Stream)

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Pretty Flacko is back, and he is as boring as ever!

A$AP Rocky might have taken his coolness to another level on “5ive $tars,” because it sounds like he’s not even trying on the song (Like seriously). On his verses, it sounds like he’s dozing off while he’s rapping, a style I hope these up and coming rappers do not think is cool.  However, Flacko’s lyrics are pretty solid on the track, as he continues to use that tongue twisting flow that I think makes him a special artist (That’s probably the only positive).

So DRAM is featured on this song, and he sounds like the first artist in the history of music to stumble upon a feature. His part literally sounds like a practice hook that he freestyled while he was coming down from a buzz. Long story short, I ain’t feelin’ it.

Pretty Flacko gotta go back to the drawing board if this is his first single off of his new album….



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