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Lil Jon – Alive (Ft. Offset & 2 Chainz) (Review & Stream)

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In the midst of all the Migos hoopla, the original Migos (Yes, Lil Jon had the culture influence of three people when he was hot) released a new track featuring 2 Chainz and Offset.

This song is next level amped up, combining white boy crazy with trap boy crazy! As expected, Lil Jon screams at the top of his lungs on his part, sounding like a n—a that took back his food because it had a hair in it. Also, I can see some Kendrick influence in the hook he drops.

Offset kills em with this consistent flow, actually calming the track down a little. No one rides a beat like him, so he definitely fits.

2 Chainz drops several noteworthy bars, something that pokes out like Kevin Love in a Cavaliers team meeting. I’m not sure if he has the best verse on the song, but he definitely has the most swagged out one.

Where the Eastside Boyz at? Did he leave them n—as in the hood to fend all by their lonesome?



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