Lose Control

Charzrd – Lose Control (Review & Stream)

Chazrd’s “Lose Control” uses this eccentric approach to get all the listeners off of their feet!

Music doesn’t always have to use words to get you to feel something, sometimes a sequence of miscellaneous sounds strung together can create the perfect representation of exactly how an artist truly feels; is there a better example of this than in “Lose Control?” With an introduction that gives off a pretty somber vibe, “Lose Control” eventually picks up in both pace and energy, going from the cold and lonely feeling of “A Starry Night,” to the spontaneous rush of a pop art painting. It’s a rollercoaster ride that is as unpredictable as it gets, and as a listener, you would love every second of it.

Songs like “Lose Control” is the perfect reminder to individuals that music is still considered an art. I can hear the creativity in every note that’s delivered, something that makes it truly one of a kind.




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