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Tekashi 6ix9ine – Day69 (Mixtape Review)


Tekashi 6ix9ine is one wild muthaf–ka! Whether it’s his crazy ass hair or outlandish behavior on social media, you have to admit that the Brooklyn native has been must see TV for hip hop fans these last couple of months. But since I’ma music reviewer, I’m only focused on the music side of things, and in my opinion, they simply don’t make em’ like the rainbow haired rapper anymore. When 6ix9ine spits, it’s with this violent energy that is reminiscent of the M.O.P.’s of the world — a style that has been outdated since the early 2000s. Personally, I’m undecided on whether or not I’m feeling this fiery style of rapping, and that’s mainly because my doctors told me that I need to stay away from things that might raise my blood pressure…With that being said, as I embark on reviewing this “Day69” Mixtape, please keep me in your prayers.




I guess “Chocolate” is the fifth best song on this album… (Frfr, everything outside of my top 4 sounds pretty much the same)

“Chocolate” has the most interesting instrumental on this Mixtape, as it’s ragey and has some Cali feels to it. On it, Tekashi hits us with something that is both clear and slower in pace, sounding like a dude that’s trying to teach a class of elementary school students about the ins and outs of how a Draco works. Will listeners consider the track a wildly unique one? Probably not, but it definitely has different vibes from the rest of the ten songs on this project.




More than anything, “Rondo” is a testament to the relationships that 6ix9ine was able to build in such a short period of time.

Whoever Tekashi 6ix9ine seems to collaborate with tries to match the energy that he comes with on his verses, which has resulted in some pretty inspired performances from our favorite rap artists. On “Rondo,” that’s exactly what you get — a version of Tory Lanez that’s street, but at the same time focused on creating a nice little melody on the hook, and a competitive version of Thugger — one that has a pep to his step that is reminiscent to his earlier days. As for 6ix9ine, don’t worry about him, he’s his usual loud ass self that wants to kill everybody and their mama on his verse.




“Kooda” contains a whole bunch of g-checking and sick ass fantasies.

For those who are just being put onto 6ix9ine, this track is like the perfect introduction! He’s screaming, he’s aggressive, but most importantly, he’s states the reasons why he differs from the rest of the rap pack. Everyone needs a theme song, and I think “Kooda” is 6ix9ine’s.

Doesn’t this song sound like a mixture of every other song on this project?



I might be the lame one in the room here, but I can barely comprehend 62% of the s–t 6ix9ine is saying on this song. (Someone please tell me what a ‘Blicky’ is!)

“Gummo” might be the most trill/menacing/threatening song that’s reached the top 30 in the Billboard charts in a while. On it, our hero raps with this aggression that is comparable to your favorite WWE villian, spitting lines about f–king our beloved women, non-remorsefully shooting people in the face, and committing petty crimes. It’s like an episode of ‘Narcos’ in the musical form.

I repeat, this song made the top 30 of the billboard charts… It’s currently ahead of a f–kin’ Camila Cabello song!




Correct, “Gummo” is Tekashi’s hit single, but I think “Keke” is a better song all-around. I believe “Keke” is a little more controlled (I know that’s a crazy statement), yet maintains that same explosive energy as its predecessor.

6ix9ine approaches the adrenaline pumping/fast paced instrumental pretty hard, screaming like a n—a that is watching his car get towed. Although his words are still very violent on his verse, I can tell that there is this willingness from him to be catchy.

After 6ix9ine’s belligerent part, Boogie and Fetty Wap calm the track down a little, both dropping heavily harmonized verses. Don’t get it twisted though, they both spit that violent s–t, making several claims of what they’ll do to you if you cross them in the streets. (Thugs come in all forms these days)

This song will be played heavily in the clubs soon.


1. BILLY (3.6/5)

2. GUMMO (4.8/5)

3. RONDO (4.8/5)

4. KEKE (5/5)

5. 93 (3.2/5)

6. DOOWEE (3/5)

7. KOODA (4.4/5)

8. BUBA (3.8/5)

9. MOOKY (4/5)

10. GUMMO (REMIX) (4.8/5)

11. CHOCOLATE (4.3/5)




I’m sweating profusely, but I’m not dead!

Tekashi 6ix9ine was explosive from the moment you press play on this Mixtape, something I would think defied the odds considering the fact that a human being’s larynx can only take so much straining. Even though it is refreshing to hear a dude show passion about some of his favorite hobbies (troubling ones), to some, his subject matters on this Mixtape will get stale pretty fast. After enjoying the first few tracks, his content starts to get repetitive, as eventually it will begin to feel like he’s using the same flows and lines. I guess for some (Especially those having a bad day), they would like to hear this type of anger in bulk, but for the normal, nu uh.

There’s not much to say about 6ix9ine’s debut Mixtape other than it is exactly what you should expect to hear based off of the three singles he released. Don’t expect versatility, don’t expect meaningful lyrics, and damn sure don’t expect to relate to the s–t he’s saying. Simply listen to it, and decide on your own whether it’s useless music or unique music, because I think there’s certainly no middle ground.

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