Blac Youngsta – 2.23 (Album Review)

Blac Youngsta is one of those artists that doesn’t mind fitting into the stereotypes that come with being a rapper: He’s loud, he’s reckless, and if you play with his money, he can be violent! Musically, he follows in those same footsteps, even at times sounding more outlandish than he does in real life. But hey, we are all too serious sometimes, why not listen to something a little more lighthearted for once, right? 





I love when rappers talk about how much they’ve either changed or the people around them has changed; something about that topic is real as s—t to me!

Though the topic discussed in “Old Friends” might come across as a bit depressing, Blac Youngsta doesn’t approach it that way, instead sounding like his hood happy-go-lucky self. However, what is a bit unique about the track is his approach rapping-wise, as the Memphis native shows a little more zaniness/quirkiness stylistically. I didn’t know he had that type of talent on the mic, quite honestly….



4. DO IT

‘Do It” is Blac Youngsta’s version of “Everyday I’m Lit.”

Everybody has that one song that indicates to the hood that they made it, for Youngsta, this is it! “Do It” has this triumphant feel to it, yet boasts this litty vibe that will put all the hard working hustlers of the world in a good mood. Youngsta shines on his part of the song, using some strip club connoisseur-esque lyrics that will have you feeling like you didn’t know what you were doing the last time you were at “Magic City”. However, I think the unaccredited singer featured on the track shines the brightest, dropping this effortless hook that has a nice little melody attached to it.

You can make an astute argument that this is the best song on the album.




As goofy/reckless as “Booty” sounds, I actually f—ks with it!

No, “Booty” isn’t going to win any grammy’s in the next couple of months, but I do think it can get some girls to act reckless on the slimey ass dance floors of America! Not only does it have this bass booming sound to it that club goers will love, but it also has these gimmicky elements to it that the ratchets of the world will soak up.

No, Blac Youngsta will not be winning any Pulitzer prize awards for his lyrics on this song, but he WILL motivate a batch of strippers with his braggadocios lines (that’s still an accomplishment)!

See what happens when you think outside of the box? You can see a silver lining in everything!




“F**k Everybody Else” is on some mobbin’ s—t, which means the QD’s of the world will be hiding under the bed for the next three minutes while it’s playing.

I like a strip club version of Blac, I like an emotional version of Blac, but I like a savage version of Blac the most! On “F**k Everybody Else,” that is what you get, an agitated version of our hero that is willing to shoot a Yorkshire Terrier if it looks at him the wrong way. The song is the definition of gritty, and Blac’s scrunching up of his voice when he raps confirms that!




A friendship between Blac Youngsta and Travis Scott is bound to end up in some unsupervised Spaghetti cooking on the stove that ultimately burns one of their houses down.

Travis Scott and Blac Youngsta are all about having a good time — they just do it different ways: Travis is more on the trippy side when it comes to having fun, while Blac is more on the gangsta side when he has his. In “Heavy Camp,” both of their hip hop worlds collide, resulting in this smooth banger that has Travis dropping something that is silky smooth, and Blac dropping something that starts off as silky smooth — but ends up Teflon hard. I like how the combination sounds, as surprisingly, it showcases some great chemistry between the two.


1. LATE (4.8/5)

2. OLD FRIENDS (4.5/5)

3. STRENGTH (3.5/5)

4. BOOTY (4.5/5)

5. HIP HOPPER (3.8/5)

6. F**K EVERYBODY ELSE (4.5/5)

7. HEAVY CAMP (4.6/5)

8. RIGHT THERE (3.7/5)

9. BANDZ (4.4/5)

10. NO BEEF (3.8/5)

11. DESERVE THAT S—T (4.3/5)

12. DO IT (4.6/5)

13. DROP YO FLAG (3.6/5)

14. FOREVER (3.7/5)




Guys, this album is not all that bad! The energy is great, the rapping isn’t half that bad, and you can hear some of Gotti’s influence throughout it (We f—k with Gotti, right?). I can honestly say I underestimated Mr. Youngsta.

Believe it or not, this album feels pretty authentic! No I may not be in Youngsta’s tax bracket, but he doesn’t make you feel that way when he raps, as he comes across as a regular degular dude that woke up one day with a million dollars (which he probably did). You get this genuine vibe throughout the album, something that makes it feel free-willed.

I’m being serious when I say this, but I think Blac Youngsta showed a lot of ‘comme ci comme ca’ rappers the blueprint on how to create a successful album. You don’t need any spectacular flows or any auto tune machines, if you simply speak from the heart like he did throughout this album, you can make something that is truly solid! (Granted, his heart loves him some illegal guns and dusty strippers, but that’s who he is, and he spoke it to us on this album! )


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