Our guy Joyner Lucas got the chill button in a headlock.

Joyner Lucas (AKA the fair skinned assassin) continues to remix songs,  killing the originator on their own s–t. In today’s episode, Joyner gets his biggest challenge yet: BlocBoy JB Drizzy Drake Rogers! (Ding ding dinggggg)

While the 6 GOD raps more swagged out in his version of the song, Joyner gets a bit more competitive in his, speeding things up with this brisk/wackier flow. I personally do not think it fits when somebody tries a little too hard on this particular beat like Joyner did, so I’ma go ahead and say that Drake’s version was better; I still think Joyner’s was a lot more ruthless, though.

Drake 1, Joyner Lucas 0. (I love pitting light skin vs. light skin!)