Waka Flocka (aka Daddy Flockin’) makes a remix to “Bodak Yellow,” which is a remix to “No Flockin'” by Kodak Black (Copyright infringement had to have taken place at one point of this linkage).

For those of us (And I’m raising my hand, too) that gave up on Waka Flocka’s career, he’s looked to revive it a little these last couple of days, dropping remixes to a few songs that sound like he could’ve very well influenced. One of them is “Bodak Yellow,” a track that sorta has that style that Waka used to rap with back in the day. On his version of it, he sounds identical to its originator (Cardi B), coming across as bossy and inconsiderate. I do think a few of his lines are off in his raps, but hey, I never thought for once that he would beat her on her own s–t.