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Waka Flocka – Bloggers (Ft. Big Bank) (Review & Stream)

Hey, take it easy on the bloggers, man!

Waka Flocka is definitely focused, dropping remixes and singles left and right. Today, he drops one of the first singles off of his “Brick House Boyz” project, and it features Big Bank and production from Zaytoven. I really like both of the rappers energy on the track, as they do their fair amount of flexing over the heavy-hitting beat. Aside from that, the song is pretty catchy, and has Waka yelling in the background like he’s being stabbed by a Leprechaun.

Waka said “His pockets are on puberty” on his verse… Is that supposed to be a good thing? My puberty contained a lot of pimples and awkwardness… So you mean to tell me his pockets are on awkwardness and pimples?



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