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Legoheads – Headlights (Review & Stream)

 “Headlights” is that heartfelt pop tune that I think everyone should have in their music libraries.

Exhilarating, passionate and vivid are the three words that describe “Headlights.” On it, Legoheads gets a chance to tell the story of two lovers who have been dealt a few bad hands in their lives and how their encounter with each other sparked something special between the two. I love how detail-oriented Legoheads is on his verses, as he perfectly describes the duo’s journey from pessimistic to optimistic. I also love the emotional vibes both Legoheads’ vocals and the futuristic instrumental gives off throughout; to think that Legoheads was behind the making of both is fascinating, to me!

Make sure you check out “Headlights” above, and read more about Legohead’s resilient journey to musical success HERE!



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