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DJ Esco – Walk Thru (Ft. Nas & Future) (Review & Stream)


It’s foolish of me to think Nas was only interested in doing Hennessy commercials these days.

DJ Esco is prepping to release his new “Kolorblind” Mixtape soon, and it looks to feature several big name artists in the rap game; one of those big name artists is Nas. In “Walk Thru,” The New York legend raps like he has a battery pack in his back, spitting some of his most braggadocios lyrics to date.

Future plays hype man once again, giving us this geeked up contribution. I’m not sure if his part is the best thing since sliced bread, but it does amp the track up a notch.

Nas sounds a bit tired vocally…N***a sounds like he’s operating on 3 hours of sleep on this song.



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