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Dynamos – Stainless (Review & Stream)

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Dynamos are exhilarating, care-free & daring in their timeless new track called “Stainless”

It simply doesn’t get more compelling than this! With a firm baseline, lively drum-play and astounding guitar riffs accompanying her, Nadia E shines bright, providing us with this boisterous performance that reminds us all why Rock & Roll music can get anyone off of their feet! Throughout, she provides us with these roaring vocals that will permeate through your speakers, and lyrically, she encourages listeners to let loose on their way to Dixieland, persuading us all to learn not to rust and let our highs take us away. It’s truly something special.

“Stainless” simply adds to Dynanmos’ long list of hits on their resume. Be sure to check out more from them on all your major streaming services!



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