Future shows the world he has hitters in Chicago, linking up with both King Louie and Chance The Rapper for the trap heavy “My Peak.”

Out of all the collaborations I didn’t expect to hear in the hip hop game this year, this might rank at the top. But since we got it, I’m going to enjoy it like Lebron enjoys trashing the Toronto Raptors.

In “My Peak,” you get this bass heavy track that has Future sounding like that one version of himself that is coming down from his high on the hook (I love this version of Future). Chance has the first verse, and he raps with this down south style that is similar to the one he used on “Mixtape” from his “Coloring Book” project. Lastly, King Louie has the last verse on the song, and he adds a bunch of well-needed grit to the track. All in all, It’s an interesting collaboration between the three, mainly because it sounds more like a bunch of chopped up tracks than something that was made intentionally.