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Dizzy Wright – Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done (Review)

Two things are practically suicidal decisions for your music career: signing to cash money, and releasing an album the same day Kanye releases one. Unfortunately, Dizzy Wright did one of the two here, which tells me he either didn’t read the hip hop rule book, or he is that confident that people will feel his work regardless of who he was competing with. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he was thinking the latter, which means I am expecting something explosive from him on this project.




Wait a second, doesn’t “Me and Mine” sound very similar to “Dope Talent?”

So “Me and Mine” has an emotional instrumental attached to it, but content-wise, it isn’t all that emotional. Lyrically, our hero does open up a bit, but in a way that is more confident than passionate. Matter of fact, the song plays like one big ass self pep talk, as Dizzy tries to remind himself what motivated him to be the best rapper that he can be through several valiant examples.




Dizzy Wright and Kid Ink are on their ‘grown man’ s**t on this song.

Unless you were living under a rock these last couple of years, you know that Dizzy Wright is a helluva rapper. However, in “Vibe,” he tries his hand at R&B, dropping off this melody heavy tune in which he comes across like an absolute crooner. Does he play the part well? Absolutely! His words of endearment towards his wifey are sweet, and his harmonizing is pretty impressive.

Kid Ink has the second verse, and as expected, he fits the vibes of the record perfectly. I love how laid back he comes across, never stressing a single note.

Every rapper needs at least one of these songs on their catalog.




I created a dance for this song, guys! It requires you breaking a bunch of joints.

This track shows Dizzy’s ability to get his inner Quavo on, as he gives us something that is as infectious as it is freaky.

Ty Dolla $ign, is that you on the second verse? Nope, it’s actually some dude named Jazz Lazr, and he shows off an ability to morph into Lil Wayne, too.

This song is way too catchy to ignore.




I love that people are embracing being an introvert! Anti-socialism gets too much of a bad rep.

This song is all about its smooth vibes. On it, Dizzy raps over this hypnotizing instrumental that has several breakdowns and hard-hitting moments. From there, our hero does a little bit of everything, giving us a catchy hook, a really good melody, and some very assertive verses. I think the track is as complete as it gets, and shows us how versatile Dizzy is capable of being.




You know what’s funny about this song? It’s called “Dope Talent,” but both artists featured on it use the least amount of talent they are capable of using.

I f**k with how smooth this song is. I also f**k with the tongue-twisting flows that both Logic and Dizzy use on their verses. It sorta reminds me of a baller that is so good at their craft that they coast through a game still looking better than the people that are actually trying.

This lazy ass flow that people are using these days is going to be the demise of hip hop! We need to influence these rappers to start trying again.


1. INTROVERT (4/5)

2. VIBE (4.5/5)



5. DOPE TALENT (4.4/5)

6. ME AND MINE (3.8/5)

7. WAY UP (3.9/5)




I was left rather unimpressed with this EP. I know, it’s only a short sample size, but nothing stood out to me that would make me want to go back and scan Dizzy’s catalog. I felt like there were way too many uninspired lines from him, and he insisted way too much on sounding like everybody else in the industry.

The production on this album was also very lazy. With songs like “Introvert” sounding like “Vibe,” and “Dope Talent” sounding like “Me and Mine,” you got the feeling that the producers involved in this project were distracted by the NBA playoffs while putting together some of these beats.

What I did like about this album is that Dizzy was able to showcase some of his talents on it. He sings, he raps well, and is also able to put together something infectious from time to time. Like I said earlier, some of his lines were ho-hum at best, but that might be because I consider him one of the more talented rappers in the game and I expect more from him.

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