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Lil Twist – Message To G.O.O.D Music (Review & Stream)

What a great move by Drake! Let your minions take care of your beef.

So it looks like this Pusha-T vs. Drake beef has officially entered “Saved By The Bell: College Years” territory. It has deviated to a whole bunch of outside characters no one really cares about, and the stars of the show have been rather mute. In the latest episode no one wants to hear, Lil Twist decides to chime in on the beef, delivering this brand new diss record that has him making claims about the ruthless s**t he is capable of doing to G.O.O.D. music’s bully. On the real, the track is pretty decent, as Twist does a little bit of singing while sprinkling in some tough ass bars here and there. But unfortunately, I can never take a diss song from Lil Twist seriously.

How does G.O.O.D. music retaliate to this? Does D’Banjo get in on the action?



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