Consistency (Live at Virgo Lounge)

Imani Wj Wright & Swano – Consistency (Live at Virgo Lounge) (Review & Stream)

Imani Wj Wright’s live performances are just as impressive as his music.

Imani Wj Wright continues to be on his grind when it comes to making his mark in the music industry. Not only does the talented 19 year old have some pretty impressive streaming numbers attached to his music, but his electrifying live performances has also received nothing but rave reviews from individuals who’ve seen him perform. In one of his latest live performances at the legendary Virgo lounge, the Baltimore native was able to link up with Swano for a live rendition of a few of his major hits. One of the songs he performed was “Consistency,” a track in which he proclaimed was one of his personal favorites (It’s one of my favorites, too). As expected, in his performance, he pours his heart and soul out into literally every word he sings, truly getting lost in the tranquilizing vibes the instrumental was able to give off.

Personally, my favorite aspect of this live performance is Imani’s energy. I feel like he takes command of the stage like a true professional, encouraging the audience to follow along with him on his journey towards finding consistency in this special someone. I absolutely love crowd involvement when it comes to performances.

Swano’s contributions to this performance should not be ignored at all. From start to finish, his instrument-play was able to speak to me just as much as Imani’s words were able to. That right there is what I call talent! Also, I wanna give a shoutout to Muammar Muhammad on the guitar and Robert Wooden III on the drums.

I saw Imani at this concert, and on the real, I was blown away by his performance. If he happens to be performing in your town, I advise you to drop everything you’re doing and purchase a ticket (Even if that means you have to be late on rent to buy it)





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