Untitled Art’s “Philly to Long Beach Part 2” is three and a half minutes of well-needed chaos!

When music blows your mind, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. When it typically happens, listeners get an opportunity to enter into the mind of what I believe is the truest version of a musical artist. With “Philly to Long Beach Part 2,” Untitled Art made sure he blew your mind (And then some), blending a myriad of sounds together (Darkwave, EDM, Electronic Rock, etc) to create this explosive new jam that never lets up in vivacity. Content-wise, you get a good blend of rowdy vocals, racy lyrics and unadulterated rebelliousness, a combination that brings out the bad ass in me!

Make sure you also check out the video to this song HERE! It just as mind-blowing as the song.