“Sus” is an edgy pop record that is way too intriguing to pass up.

“Sus” revolves around the many suspicions from Summy’s lover that she is cheating on him, and her constant reassurance that nothing is going on behind his back. It’s one of those tracks that are extremely relatable content-wise, especially if you are currently dealing with a similar situation in your relationship.

I love how this track blends traditional R&B music with pop and hip hop roots so seamlessly. I also enjoy how Summy’s lyrical content switches between brash and touching throughout, as she shows a good chunk of mercy and a little bit of frustration for the situation at hand on both the hook and her verses. It’s so indicative of a troubling relationship.

How many different ways can I say that I love this song? Seriously, everything from its riveting topic to its infectious melodies keeps me wanting more. Summy clearly has a hit here!

I say this couple solves their problems with a lie detector test.