Ivy's Kiss

Lazarus Benson – Ivy’s Kiss (Review & Stream)

Lazarus Benson’s “Ivy Kiss” never lets up when it comes to high-octane energy! 

It’s more than likely that Lazarus Benson is more talented than all of us. Not only does he write the lyrics and lay down the vocals on this magnificent song you hear above, but he also produced it and played all the instruments, too. It makes perfect sense, too, because I feel like the passionate writing, electrifying instrumental (Heavy-hitting drumming and astonishing guitar-play) and boisterous vocals you are listening to are all in sync with one another — they all understand the others musical strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to the lyrical content you hear on the track, it is nothing less than riveting, as it makes sure listeners are engaged in every word, feeling and emotion it utilizes to describe this seesaw relationship between the protagonist and his personal kryptonite. Overall, this song represents vulnerability at its finest from a musical artist, and I am going to appreciate every second of it.

I swear, only musicians can make the disappointment that human beings instill on one another sound super interesting.



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