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Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer (Review & Stream)

Childish Gambino is back, Ladies and Gentlemen! And this time around, he isn’t shirtless and shooting random people!

It’s kind of hard to believe how much of a megastar Childish Gambino has become in the last two years. He’s dabbled in TV, film and music, and has been successful in all three. He’s also juggled each masterfully, with his music now finding its way into the forefront. In his latest single, “Feels Like Summer,” the “Community” alum gives us this outdoorsy track that features heavenly vibes and some daring harmonizing from our hero. It’s the type of track that should be played while you cruise the back roads of Montana, or after an argument with a creditor.

Will we ever hear Childish Gambino rap again?



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