Lift Me Up

Nephew Sam – Lift Me Up (Review & Stream)

Nephew Sam’s “Lift Me Up” track finds a way to blow your mind utilizing a couple of different musical styles.

With the instrumental to this song boasting both hip hop and alternative rock elements, Sam was able to show some great versatility on both the chorus and his verses, bouncing between passionate harmonizer and tough-nosed rapper throughout. This combination of styles works for “Lift Me Up,” mainly because I think the track’s biggest selling point is its unique vibes — vibes that truly allow you to enter into the mind of our partly solemn/partly combative hero.

I love when artists think outside of the box like this. In “Lift Me Up,” Nephew Sam and his producers, Jah Harris and Rexxisdead, do just that, putting together this absolute gem that doesn’t mind showing vulnerability or creativity.


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