Akiem Small

Akiem Small – Problems (Review & Stream)


Akiem Small is unbothered, unconcerned and ballin’ in “Problems.”

“Problems” is fire! It features this dynamic instrumental that switches between wicked-sounding and heavy-hitting club banger from start to finish. On Akiem’s verses, you get a version of the rapper that is semi-braggadocios and semi-protective of all that he’s earned, as content-wise, he talks about indulging in the wonders of the world (women, money and luxurious things), and being prepared to go to war with anyone who wants to take those wonderful things away from him.

I like the energy that Small raps with on this track, as he shifts between a bouncy and fast paced flow throughout. You can tell Small wanted to take advantage of the dynamic beat, because he rides it perfectly, knowing exactly how to deal with its bumps and turns. In my opinion, that is the best part of this song.

Small should help Jay-Z with his 99 Problems, because It looks like he’s good at solving his own.



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