Ron Hamrick – That’s Just The Way It is (Review & Stream)

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Ron Hamrick’s “That’s Just The Way It Is” proves authentic love can be both timeless and worth while.  

Ron Hamrick’s music resume is very impressive. He has written multiple top 10 billboard songs, and has even been nominated for a Grammy for his song-writing abilities in the past. Additionally, he’s been inducted into his native state’s, (Michigan) Hall of Fame for Rock-N-Roll. In his latest effort, “That’s Just The Way It Is,” he showcases his phenomenal writing skills, penning this heartwarming track that revolves around unconditional love and how it can block out all negativity around it. Ron’s words comes directly from the soul, his vocals give off this organic feel, and most importantly, the tone of the song is very comforting.

“That’s Just The Way It Is” will be released on all major streaming services this Friday!


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